MMO Reporter 297 – One Path Ends

Chris and Bill are joined by Brian this week to discuss all things Episode 6 as Guild Wars 2 ends its third Living World Story season. After diving deep into what this new episode and map will offer, the trio tantilizes us with talk of Gigantic’s launch, LOTRO pricing issues, Rift’s new patch and more!

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What we did in game:


  • Rust
  • Total war: Warhammer
  • Eve online
  • Guild wars 2


  • WoW
  • GW2
  • The Secret World


  • The Secret World
  • WoW
  • Total War: Warhammer
  • GW2
  • Gigantic


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Guild Wars 2 – Episode 6

  • Different preview than before. Just explored the maps, talked events and meta. NO story, no fractal, and we did NOT have access for the weekend as in the past.
  • Events
    • Trying to re-power the god magic in the area.
      • Power up the shrines to bring back magic and cleanse it (the area)
    • Sylvari wanting to help the Risen
      • Collect undead
        • Tried to make them nic
      • Rampaging Risen around Sylvary village
        • We clean up the mess
    • Giant –
      • Need Oakheart seed to beat
    • Kingpin Undead
      • More intelligent than regular risen
      • Have a circle around them
        • Undead in that circle will get intelligence buff, and use full set of skills instead of mindlessly bashing you.
    • Flying Area
      • Capture relics
      • TONS up updrafts, and the water slowly lifts you up from its heat (but you don’t boil alive)
      • Get enough – fight a drake
    • Meta Event:
      • Ghostly kings and queens of Orr have been tasked with keeping GW1 style rez shrines to the gods going.
      • With no god magic, they’re trying to think of any way they can to keep the power going.
      • Killing anything near one of those events has a chance to drop some reclaimed essence. Small fragment of magical energy. Pick up and bring back to the shrine.
      • Large champion creature to beat
      • Use the shrines to rez and gain buffs when unlocked.
      • To unlock the shrines players need to finish the meta and purchase the unlock from the vendor.
  • Map
    • Different areas have different “flavours” of the gods.
    • Currency – Orrian Pearls
      • Collected from clams and oysters – gathering resource node – chance for pearl.
      • Consume for unbound magic
  • Mastery
    • Siren of Orr
      • Interact with Chancel of Echoes (change of spawning during combat)
      • Get a dirge
      • Play the dirge
      • Get a God buff for themselves and players around them.
      • Lore: Syrens of Ore use to sing the praises to the gods. Echoes of the songs linger. As someone who has become attuned to ancient magic, players are susceptible to hearing those echoes.


Questions to Devs:

  • Did you approach this episode differently than others as it’s the last one before the expansion?
    • Because this was the episode that was passing the story over to the expansion, there was a lot of attention paid to making sure that where we leave the story at the end of Episode 6 lined up well with the start of the expansion, while making sure that it felt like Living World Season 3 was getting a satisfying conclusion of its own.
  • Did you approach the mechanics with the idea that this would have to keep players occupied until the expansion?
    • We’re hoping to stay close to the cadence we’ve set for episodes when it comes to the timing of the expansion. So the goal is that this doesn’t have to fill significantly more time than any other episode, and it gets to just focus on being a great episode, a great finale for season 3, and a great lead in for the expansion story.
  • How far into the future do you have a story outline?
    • We do plan pretty far ahead – for example, back when we were first getting started on Season 3, we knew where we wanted the second expansion’s story to go, and therefore what some of the major points the season needed to hit were, while still having a lot of flexibility to change and evolve the storyline in development.



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Gigantic Launches


Quick Mentions:

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Blizzard shuts down another Private Server – via Massively


EVE EVOLVED: The Agency could become a great daily reward system in EVE Online – via Massively


What do you hope to play next week?


  • The Secret World: Legends
  • WoW
  • GW2


  • WoW
  • GW2
  • The Secret World


  • Eve online
  • Guild wars 2
  • Rust


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