MMO Reporter 299 – Argus Absolution

Chris and Bill travel to another world to get news of the World of Warcraft 7.3 Shadows of Argus, the launch of melee brawling MMO Absolver, the homecoming of Wildstar and much more!

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What we did in game:


  • WoW
  • GW2
  • Lotro


  • GW2
  • Destiny 2

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WoW Shadows of Argus release – Aug 29 (tomorrow)

Absolver Launches

Launch trailer –

Combat description –

  • ‘online melee action experience’
  • Absolver is a blend of an intense, customizable fighting game set within a beautiful yet modest online world.
  • Players make the journey from lowly Prospect to vaunted Absolver by training through combat, finding and defeating specific characters in the world, and reaching the top of the Tower of Adal.
  • Once they achieve Absolution they are free to roam the land engaging in combat, becoming a mentor to those that wish to learn from them, and entering into more traditional 1v1 matches.
  • It is important to note that Absolver is not an online RPG or an MMO, the scale is relatively small compared to well known games in those genres and the online interactions are much more focused and personal without the large scale server populations one might expect from an MMO.


Guild Wars 2

Class week & follow up


Guild Wars 2 Turns 5 (for next week – looks like celebration will be at/around pax)

  • Party at hard rock cafe.  Wish I was going…


Wildstar: Homecoming

  • Arrives Sept 6
  • Community Housing
    • Similar yet different to guilds
    • Much like Circles currently in Wildstar
    • Only belong to one community at a time, does not need to be the same as your guild
    • Pulls in your personal housing space, so it may no longer available on its own.
    • Total of five plots to display member’s homes, if your home is displayed, its not available on its own


Quick Mentions:

Final Fantasy XIV teams up with Netflix and Dominos (via Massively OP)


Ashes of Creation Combat (and more – via itsZiz)

  • Quick look at combat
  • Also discusses monthly Q&A


Star Citizen FOIP announced (Face over IP)


Jeff owns a guy


What are you playing next week?


  • Destiny 2
  • WoW
  • ********* work


  • WoW – argus it up
  • GW2


Episode 300 Plans

  • Send us your favorite gaming/show memories!
  • Live recording TBA
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