The Happy Hearthstone 2 – Friends and Family

Can Hearthstone really appeal to the casual gamers we want to play with? My wife, Jenna, is not a gamer, but she joins me on this episode to talk about what she thinks of the game so far and whether or not she’s interested in playing it.

Along the way, we help you learn how to introduce Hearthstone to your barely-a-gamer family and friends and convince them to play with you. Spoiler: Recording a podcast with them about it seems to be a very effective tactic!

Audio Version:


  • Jenna is on the show this week
  • She’s here to provide a casual gamer’s perspective
  • Why are we happy this week?

Who is Jenna?

  • Do you consider yourself a gamer?
  • What experience do you have with video and card games?
  • Every gamer has non-gamer friends or family like this

What do you know about Hearthstone?

  • Have you heard anything?
  • Seen any trailers or videos online?
  • Let’s watch the trailers and see what you think
  • First impressions of the game

What else do you want to know about the game?

  • Any questions about how the game works?
  • Any concerns about how fun it will be to play?
  • Reassurances from Josh

The moment of truth

  • Will you play Hearthstone with me?
  • How excited are you for it?

Card of the Week

Mind Control Tech, here to anger all your opponents!