The Happy Hearthstone 6 – Leftover Questions

We’ve talked about the basics, we’ve talked about the game modes, we’ve talked about hands-on impressions, and we’ve talked about the casual gamer interest.

Today, we talk about everything else! Lucas Sullivan joins me for this week’s episode, and we take a scatter shot approach, talking about all the little things in Hearthstone that we think will make or break it. Tune in and learn something new about the game!

Audio version:


  • Lucas is on the show this week
  • Topic: The little things of Hearthstone
  • Reasons to be happy this week

Who is Lucas?

  • History with card games
  • History with Blizzard games
  • Favorite mode in card games

Hearthstone as a casual game

  • Does that phrase make you excited about the game?
  • What do you think that means for the game depth?
  • Can casual games be fun?
  • Are you going to play on PC and iPad?

Combat Mechanics

  • Stealth
  • No instant-speed cards
  • Secret cards
  • Creating cards that don’t exist in your deck


  • Weapons can only be equipped by heroes
  • Weapons lose one durability every time they attack
  • No equipment for units


  • Do you like heroes as a card game mechanic?
  • Need more heroes?
  • Different health amounts?
  • How powerful should heroes be on the battlefield?


  • Is 300 enough?
  • How often do they need to add new cards to keep your interest?
  • Do all card games follow “blocks/sets” like Magic?
  • Does WoW tie-in interest you at all?
  • Standard rule is that mana cost roughly = HP + Power


  • No trading, no gifting
  • No chat in the game, except with friends
  • Concerns

Card of the Week

Kill it quickly, or die quickly—just like in Gnomeragan!