The Happy Hearthstone 86 – Zerotio’s Weird Reno Mage Deck Battle

Zerotio from the Hero Power podcast joins us today as we jump into a Deck Battle! Reno Mage may seem like a standard deck, but Zerotio’s included some crazy surprises. Will it be enough to overthrow Jarret’s deck from the future?

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Deck battle!

Defending Champion Deck

  • Jarret’s Future-Proof Tempo Mage
  • December 2016
  • Episode 83 – (Will be up soon here at MMO Reporter)

Zerotio’s Weird Reno Mage Decklist


Deck Name


  • 1 x Babbling Book : Great turn 1 drop and can give you a needed spell, to assist with survivability
  • 1 x Bloodmage Thalnos : The +1 Spell Damage is a huge benefit for assisting with board clear spells, and the Draw is essetial to keep up tempo
  • 1 x Dirty Rat : This card seems little a disadvantage, but can be used to remove a good battlecry and works great with Doomsayer
  • 1 x Doomsayer : This is essetial to slowing your opponent’s tempo, in the early game
  • 1 x Acolyte of Pain : This card is a staple in most control decks, because of the needed draw mechanic. Don’t be afraid to ping it with your Hero Power
  • 1 x Brann Bronzebeard : Boosts up the effectiveness of Battlecry Minions, especially Discover effects
  • 1 x Kabal Courier : Can help get a 2nd copy of valuable cards in the deck, as well as give you resources from Priest and Warlock
  • 1 x Manic Soulcaster : should be save from Reno, but can be used on many Battlecry minions to gain the effect again later
  • 1 x Kazakus : should be used with Brann, if possible
  • 1 x Water Elemental : helps lock down weapon classes and is a large body to remove
  • 1 x Azure Drake : staple in most control decks, gives needed card draw and a large body. Good against Priest
  • 1 x Reno Jackson : Key card of the deck. When used with Manic Soulcaster, can be used multiple times per game
  • 1 x Inkmaster Solia : great in combo with high cost spell. Spell effect, plus solid board presence
  • 1 x Arcane Giant : secret win condition. With all of the spells, can be cast check with Reno, to insure solid board pressure
  • 1 x Molten Giant : secret win condition. With all of the spells, can be cast check with Reno, to insure solid board pressure


  • 1 x Frostbolt : It doesn’t matter if you send it to the face or minion, it always gets the job done.
  • 1 x Arcane Intellect : much needed card draw
  • 1 x Effigy : great way to keep board pressure, best used with Giants
  • 1 x Forgotten Torch : good removal, don’t be afraid to use early, just to get Roaring Torch in the deck
  • 1 x Forst Nova : good source of board control, to stall the game. Best when used with Doomsayer
  • 2 x Ice Block : staple of the deck, save Reno until after your Iceblock is “popped”. Only 2 of, if you don’t draw before Reno, you will likely lose anyways.
  • 1 x Volcanic Potion : good board control, good with Bloodmage Thalnos
  • 1 x Fireball : staple Mage removal spell, in most Mage decks
  • 1 x Polymorph : great against large minions or deathrattle effects
  • 1 x Cabalist’s Tome : gives more Mage resources for board control and tempo
  • 1 x Blizzard : staple board control spell, in most Mage decks
  • 1 x Firelands Portal : great value removal spell
  • 1 x Flamestrike : staple board control spell, in most Mage decks
  • 1 x Pyroblast : Finisher! Pyroblast is underused and will not be expected as a win condition. Good for if the Giants don’t get the job done

The Aftermath




Jarret (from ep 83): Now that Mean Streets is out, what card where you “meh” about that you now love? For me it’s Jade Swarmer. I didn’t think about it’s potential in N’Zoth Rogue; it’s basically a more efficient and on-curve Twilight Summoner.


Andrew: I’m a big fan of Burgly Bully, and I’m psyched that card is finally seeing some competitive play!


Zerotio: Dirty Rat, I thought it would be horrible and zero upside Well, it is an awesome card and definitely has “Zero” Upside ;p


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Molten Giant….. No… Seriously!