The Happy Hearthstone 93 – Looking Back at Dragons

Dragon Priest has gone through a lot of different iterations. And today, we have a specialist in the Dragon Priest world, Eve Martyn of Velen’s Chosen, as a guest on the show! Eve takes us through the history of this deck archetype, where it’s currently at, and we speculate on where it could be headed.

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News Chat

  • Free card! If you logged in on May 20, you got a free Fight Promoter. The reaction from the community was pretty interesting. A lot of people asked why they decided to do this, and Ben Brode said he was inspired by Free Comic Book Day. Just wanted to give something random away to inspire interaction and have fun.
  • Wild Tournament Weirdness – Big uproar from some people who wanted to participate, specifically in Australia and surrounding regions. They had gotten to legend on Asia servers, and Blizzard announced that you had to have been playing on your country’s region, and Australia was considered Asia. This is odd because Australian players’ accounts default to the Americas server. But Blizzard was great and changed it for those players affected with some complicated rules that basically change which server is “home” to make more sense. Seems like this Wild Tournament is just being oddly announced and oddly implemented, which is a shame, cause it’s such a great idea!
  • Yong Woo made it to legend with his Divine Fire Dragon deck this month. Check out his twitter feed for the deck. (


Dragon Priest

  • Classic dragons
  • Blackrock Mountain
  • The Grand Tournament
  • Karazhan
  • Gadgetzan – the pinnacle
    • This was the most fun I had ever had in Hearthstone. I love tempo decks where you play something strong and valuable every turn on curve and that was Dragon priest. Netherspite Historian was a fun way to start every game if you could get it but it was even more powerful if you could discover two dragons with Brann. Brann made almost every dragon in the deck more powerful in fact, Discovering two cards with Drakonid Operative, getting double the health with Kabal Talonpriest and many more. Most of the dragon cards had Battlecries.
  • Current iteration
  • Future speculation



The Dust Bowl

To keep:

  • Awaken the Makers – Andrew
  • Gluttonous Ooze

To dust:

  • Sudden Genesis – Andrew
  • Frozen Crusher (golden)



Decklist from listener Scott B.

On the ladder I have been playing kiblers I swapped out one of the cabal shadow priests for madam goya. I have been floating between rank 12 and 15. I need to change it to deal with pirate warrior but I don’t understand the meta enough to make the change.


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