The Happy Hearthstone 97 – Chill Out with Arena

With the Frost Festival upon us, everyone is buzzing about arena! But we don’t want to leave you out in the cold. Fear not! Andrew and Mageadeath come together with some tips to get you feeling confident and back in the Arena fast! Don’t let your feet get frozen even if I’m iced out of puns. Ok, maybe just listen. 🙂

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News Chat

  • Frost Festival
    • Free Arena run each week
    • Start with a win
    • Reward Frozen Knight pack for 3 games
  • Ice Cream Citadel
    • Special merch
    • ‘Villain-illa’ and ‘Scourgeberry Sorbet.’

Arena Tips

  • Know your classes!
    • Not always best to go with your “favorite” as some classes are just better than others in arena
    • Mage and Paladin are always solid choices
  • Know the cards that are just good in arena ( I suggest
    • Daring Reporter
    • Stormwind Champion
  • Know the tricky cards to play around
    • Against Paladin – Any buff cards, those 1/1’s are not to be treated lightly
    • Against Priest – Mind Control (Can tell my story of losing a Daring Reporter buffed by Spikeridged Steed
  • Watch out for AOEs – Mages (Volanic Potion, Meteor, Blizzard), Paladin (Consecration, Equality), Priest (Dragonfire, Holy Nova), Shaman (Volcano, Maelstrom, Lightning). They will have them – and likely more of them than you think.   
  • Weapon Remove is really good to have. Weapons generate so much value for mana cost. Getting oozes helps – weapon offering rates was boosted in June/early July.
  • Staying “on the board” is important. Arena is more about pushing minions to face to win than constructed can be. Having minions on the board gives you options.
  • Curving out is important, so is card draw/cycling.
  • When comparing cards in draft, first ignore card text. If the card’s still good it’s worth drafting.
  • Discover Cards are VERY powerful. Getting to add a card to your hand that you choose during the game can often setup or just win you a game. Though saving discovers until deeper in the game if possible – more information about matchup and what you need the better





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Card of the Week

Charged Devilsaur

You will see a good number of these in Arena. Probably an autopick in a lot of cases. 7 damage charge that can’t go face it’s first turn. Can kill almost anything. Usually leaves behind big body.


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